there are moments when I look at you
and feel

entire days go by
when I share every aspect of life with you,
interact as usual…
but no emotions come into play.
passion, desire- even anger and frustration
have left me: I am passive.

but two decades of being with you
have convinced me that
emotions are as fickle as the phases of the moon
and almost as predictable.

every feeling is temporary.

but always, underneath all of the everyday,
in the space where our hearts are bound together,
there is an unbroken current
that ricochets between the two of us,
constant and growing stronger over time,
leaving in its wake
every shade of satisfaction.
and a deeper, stronger

this permanence-
this is the essence of us.


This still feels like wrapping paper being held together by tape that won’t stick. It doesn’t feel finished. There’s still a piece of a thought that isn’t showing up to clarify this thing. But… it’s only an hour until the end of this 6th day of National Poetry Month and I need sleep more than I need a good poem. Here we go- shoving down the pride and throwing the words out into cyberspace. 


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