lily of the valley

NaPoWroMo day 8. Today was an easy prompt, but that doesn’t necessarily make the writing any easier. 

Lily of the Valley

Your rarity is what drew me to you,
along with your monochromatic simplicity,
and your intoxicating scent
thrown out only for the closest observer.

You caught my eye in the age of rolling down hills,
kool-aid popsicles,
and tire swing antics.
I found you first in a shadowed corner,
far from the wild explosions of daffodils,
mums, azaleas, and snapdragons – lovers of the limelight.

You prefer to keep to your dignified self
in secluded nooks,
found only by those who know you are there.

I have always loved lonely corners.

There have been other flowers I have loved since:
lilacs, narcissus, hyacinth-
mostly always because something about them
stirred up a memory of your elusive scent
your delicate flowers,
and a quiet place of refuge on a summer afternoon.


I’m liking this poem-a-day writing less every day. It sounded like a great idea at the time, but I’m realizing I’m a perfectionist. I write something quickly, then sit on it awhile, reread it, see if it still rings true.