little magnificat

My soul glorifies the Lord
(even when my mouth refuses to open
and when I don’t phrase it
the same way that “everyone else”
seems to come to so naturally.)

Even so-
I see the path he brought me along.
Looking back,
I sense the dangers that I walked
safely through – without realizing.
If only the looking back
would serve as a light
on the forward looking path…

If God led me safely this far,
why would he stop?
Maybe he can even be trusted
to bring meaning and purpose
to the rest of my life

My soul does glorify the Lord
as clumsy as my mouth may be,
my soul (worthless? maybe.)
does (without seeing the logic)
glorify (magnify – can I really make him bigger?)
the Lord (who cannot let me down.)

This is a cop-out day. Writing a poem every day is a lot harder than I optimistically expected. I did sit down several times and wrote, but it always came out disjunct. (Spellcheck tells me that’s not a word. That can’t be true. There are times that disjunct is the only word that describes my writing properly.) Technically, I did my part: I wrote poetry today. And, instead of sharing junk, I’m posting something I wrote a few years ago that no one else has ever read.